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Conquest of the United Nations
One of the first clearly identified targets is achieved at 14.10.1974 - Arafat spoke from the rostrum of the UN! Applaud him 105 countries! Never mind that Arafat was in breach of the rostrum of the UN Charter - PLO invaded and occupied Lebanon - fightingfor the destruction of Israel, carrieddesperate and bloody terror ... Lest those 105 countriesto not know this...?!
Certainly have not learned that same year on April 11terrorists of PLO invaded from Lebanon in the Israeli town of Kiryat-Shmona, enter in kindergarten, andwith grenades and shooting from the machines kill 6 children 2 to 11years, and 8 adults and wounding 16, while arrived Israeli soldiers and liquidate them .. .?

Probably,they do not know and about carried out a month later - on 14.05.1974, the, terrorist act, when PLO terrorists seize a school in the Israeli town of Maalot, which killed 22 children on the spot and injuring 84 others before being liquidate from Israeli troops ...?!

Seems to have forgotten and about the sabotage, carried out in the plane of "Swissair"on 13.02.1970, in which 47 passengers andcrew were killed , among whom are 17 Israelis. The same day the Munich, in attack on nursing home elderly arekilled 7 Jews.

Forgot been, about kidnapped passenger aircraft of Lufthansa in February 1972 by PLO terrorists who want a ransom of 1,2 million pounds sterling, which was repaid ...?!
And the kidnappingon 29.10.1972 airliner of Lufthansa made again by the PLO terrorists who want their members, serving sentences in prisons of the FRG, to be released - ultimatum, who the government of the FRG perform .. .
Strange,that they not remember and 5.IX.1972 on - the time of the XX Olympic Games in Munich when terrorists ofPLO killed 11athletes - weightlifters and wrestlers from the team of Israel ...?!
The games had to be terminated, perform the principles of Olympias.But the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suffers from sclerosis . Interestingly, that and communist propaganda is in dementia, "forget" to reflect in their media terrorist act. Or reaction of guilty conscience, hid compromising relationship between the communist camp and the PLO terrorist activity? (Abu Mazen, also known as Mahmoud Abbas - the PLO treasurer in 1972, provide the means for the action against the Israeli Olympic team, earned a doctorate from the Moscow Oriental Institute in 1982 for his dissertation: "The secret ties between Nazism and the Zionist movement ", in which denies the Holocaust - in the concentration camps of the Third Reich were not killed 6 million Jews, but only 800 000 .... So, Iranian president there are arguments today to asserted the same, to justify the own anti-Jewish positions.)
There is something perverse...
Each of these 105 countries, will classified as a serious crime each of the above acts, when it is committedon its territory, and those who carry them out. But in the United Nations, for the same acts the Organizers , instigators and executors of terrorist acts,receives cheers andinternational support!
Do wonder then, that terrorism, forty years later, became a global disaster? Four decadesUNseen the terrorism!
Because in 14.10.1974, 105 countries applaud terror, rather than condemns him!
"We came into the world throughthe widest gate, now Zionism will disappear from this world and especially in Palestine, under the blows of the struggle of peoples," said Yasser Arafat, andcatch the gun on your waist. 105 delegates of the countries applaud him violently.

Only 11 days earlier, Arafat declared: "The goal of our struggle is the end of Israel, and here there can be no compromise or intermediaries. We do not want peace, we want to win. Peace for us means the destruction of Israel - and nothing else ".
On 14. 10.1974, 105 countries legitimized terror
How then can we expect from the UN, that will fight against terrorism. The organization has not been able even to define what is "terrorism"?! ...
Will be celebrating thirty-five years of the terrorist act committed on December 20, 1975 in Vienna, where the PLO terrorists, after killing people from the police and security personnel, invaded in hotel and catched the ministers of 13 countries of OPEC (Organization Member oil producers), came here about annual conference, like hostage and want ransom ...
ThePLO action in Viennaplaced the issue in the UN, that is necessary of drafting a convention against terrorism. Only during 1968-1975 after terrorist acts are killed 800 people and injured over 1700. Even in the far - in 1975, the terrorism has taken alarming dimensions and number of countries recognize that must oppose him at international level. And what happen...?

More three decades, for the world community have proved insufficient. Not yet adopted such international treaty. If such a thing happen in a totalitarian country, or even in the most democratic,this will be was sabotage. While of the "state" is an inherent mechanism for self-preservation, survival and protection, in the UNthese attributes are unknown. UN and "state" differ, even they are in conflict. Because the UN has is increasingly "guarantor" of only those nations and countries that control it.

Theimpotence of UN against terrorism is manifested in the fact that there are countries in the organization who encourage terrorism because it is a tool from the arsenal of war, which lead against Israel in recent years - and against other "infidels". UN can not to "understand" terrorism, because countries in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), whichdeclare:
"All types of combat any funds approved in the name of a cause is excluded from the term" terrorism ".
This is the wording of the countries that hold important part of the UN Working Group designated to prepare the Convention on combating terrorism. Is insane, to expected by those who justify and benefit from terrorism to only-qualified as "terrorists." This deprivesUNof the opportunity to identify "terrorism", let alone fought against it ... Paradox!

The introduction of the PLO in 1974 in the ranks of the UN, even as an observer, is a watershed moment for the world organization. The most notorious terrorist organization in the world was welcomed by 105 countries ... Kurdish organizations, the Irish IRA, Basques in Spain, etc. also sought rights to autonomy, but were not admitted tointernational level. Declared "terrorist" organizations, they are persecuted by laws of respective countries. While the PLO - a terrorist organization, acting not only within Israel, receive support and legitimacy in the UN.

The diplomaticand political acts, the propaganda backed by pressure from the oil weapon,are success, becouseinvolveUN inthe Soviet-Arabcoalitionagainst Israel. Having failed to wipe out Israel, Soviet-Arab coalition partners want toinvolve "blue" helmets to do their work.

Islamic countries - fifty in number, members of the Soviet bloc - 17, the group of "unrelated" (receiving aid each year than the latter, and without an oil embargo), are the factors, which change the position of the United Nations in favor of Soviet and Arab coalition. For the period 1967-1991 yy in UN are voted 69 resolutions, critical to Israel, buta resolution, which to criticize or to condemn the PLO or any Arab or a Soviet bloc,whenterrorize Israel, not once.

UN TODAY: Conquest ends
April 22 2004. Security Council unanimously adopted UN resolution for an independent investigation into allegations of corruption in the UN - in program "Oil for food". This became possible after Russia withdrew its objections on any such measure.
Program worth $ 60 billion is directed to the Iraqi people during the sanctions imposed against the country. In the scandal involving more than 270 politicians and journalists from over 45 countries, including senior UN officials, one of which is the program manager Benoit Sevan, received $ 3.5 million illegal Iraqi oil revenues. In the list appear and countries - members of the Security Council like France and Russia - the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, former Interior Minister of France Charles Pascual, former French representative to the UN Jean-Bernard Mrime ... Are involved and the party Indian National Congress, the Indonesian President Sukarnoputri Megavati, CMO, British MP ... The son of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, participate in a company that won the contract under the UN program "Oil for food" ... Bulgarian Socialist Party. The scheme of illegal siphoning funds has allowed Saddam Hussein to spend 10 billion dollars in bribes to foreign businessmen, journalists, politicians. "The fact that Saddam Hussein, the UN and certain members of the Security Council could conceal such swindling from the world, should make everyone in this hall to shudder " - says Drilsma-Hanks, a former chief of London-based auditing firm, Price Waterhouse. British and American representatives to the UN repeatedly protested against the smuggling of oil and other disorders. Americans, however, decided that their main purpose is to prevent the smuggling of arms to Iraq. UN tries to hide the scandal. Placed on a "close," Kofi Annan has ordered an investigation. Then, "somebody" in UNwant removal from office of UN Secretary General. The motive is more than ridiculous - Annan is guilty of casualties ofthe UN mission in Baghdad as a result of the terrorist act committed on August 19, 2003 . How far from the truth is that reason for his resignation -year after the terrorist act - too long time,if it is genuine cause for guilt in the Secretary General. More than clear that the experience with the resignation in fact aims to intimidate Annan to does not go far with the investigation of the affair. The Corruption in the UN is strong, theybenefit UN for own purposes. UN is controlled by socialists. It has always been predominantly socialist. Every Secretary General has been socialist. The socialist countries have an overwhelming majority. Twenty-Second Congress of the Socialist International is held in 1997 in the building of the UN with the participation of the most powerful, elite and influential socialists. While individual countries lose their sovereignty in the UN - particularly visible during the time of the mandate of Kofi Annan, who gives a strong impetus to the New World Order. Annan attempts to include to control of the United Nations over the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. With themUN can to increase own control and influence in the world. Annan appointed Maurice Strong - a Canadian billionaire, to be his chief adviser on UN reform. Strong is the "New Age" occultist, man, connected with the family of Rothschild and Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, to control population growth and redistribution of wealth.
UN planned its own system of taxation, who to be subject to financial control by the donor of UN. Globalists are in a battle for an independent source of funds. For example, the Commission on Global Governance insists on "the establishment of a global financing schemes for global targets including charging for the use of global resources such as air corridors, shipping lane, ocean fishing areas". Global collection of revenue must be globally accepted and enter into force by contract. Should be explored for international taxation of international financial transfers and the creation of an international corporate tax base among multinational companies. It is time for the evolution of global taxation, which serve the needs of the global neighborhood.
The most mentioned is called tax "Tobin" to be levied on all international financial transactions amounting to 0.5% (half percent). Seemingly insignificant. But this half a percent would allow the UN to collect revenue amounting to 1500 billion annually. With this amount UN will exercise global control over the world.
Also, according to the Commission on Global Governance of the United Nations, UN need its standing army, which is under UN command. Army, subordinate to them.
UN planned and World Court, which can sue as citizens and states. Wants to drop and the right of "veto", no nation to can not stop any action, determined by the global majority. Such World Courtalready operates - as the International Court of Justice in The Hague … When there is a system of international laws or constitution, authority to impose taxes, authority to sue and to condemn, authority to impose its jurisdiction over the entire world, the power to have your own army - in which case the UNbecomes a global government! On November 19, 2003 Security Council vote on UN resolution 1515, which adopts the so-called "roadmap" drawn up by U.S., EU, UN and Russia, which are "guarantors" for the purpose - "peace” betweenPalestinian state and Israel.
"Roadmap" based on an exchange of "land" about "peace." From Israel - the "ground", from the Palestinians - "peace". Repeated administration and familiar scenario, which has so far not pull to bring peace between Jews and Arabs. In this "new" plan we can see the "old" plan - the modern version of the "final solution of Jewish question."
Whether the achievement of peace in the Middle East will be solved by yet another redistribution of what"s left of land called "Palestine".UN, EU“gentiles” may think, dream and believe whatever they want, but the Bible clearly gives a negative answer! Because, even because they have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and [there was] no peace” - Ezekiel 13:10; King James Bible). At the same time, two areas that are drawn from Israel - South Lebanon (2004) and Gaza (2005), became strongholds of Islamic terrorism, and it exclusively with the aid of Syria and Iran. This withdrawal by Israel has been acceptedfromterrorists as "reward" for their actions and "encouragement" to continue.In January 2006. in the Palestinian territories came to power Hamas - a terrorist group that openly calls for the destruction of Israel. From January 2006 until the middle of the year more than 1000 rockets were launched from the territories of Gaza against Israel. Israel withdraw and from southern Lebanon, as required by UN resolution 1559 by 2004, but the armed Islamic group Hezbollah in Lebanon remained in conflict with the requirements of the same resolution - the disarmament of all Lebanese and no-Lebanese military groups. For two years Hezbollah has accumulated military arsenal of 13 000 different types of rockets and decided to open a northern front against Israel. Thus, in the summer of 2006 broke new war in Lebanon - between Israel and the Islamic group Hezbollah. "They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from [being] a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance" (Psalm 83:4; King James Bible) Even stripped of the prerogatives of Divinity and placed on a purely humanitarian plane, the issue of land belonging to Israel or the Holy Land is not subject to doubt. Promise from Britain in 1917 with Balfour declaration, that Palestine will be land on whichwould to create the state the nation of Israel, reaffirmed in 1920 UN with conference in San Remo, reaffirmed again from UN in 29 XI 1947 ,continue to is challenged and there are no guarantees, thatthe Promise will be met. The elapsed time is an eloquent comment that confrontation against Israel will not end with the establishment of a new Arab state in Palestine. After its establishment there shall be a new spiral of pressure, threats and violence to be forced Israel to withdraw from its capital Jerusalem.

( Excerpt from the book "Battle for Jerusalem" by Todor Machkanov)


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