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11.09.2011 20:35 - Manipulative aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict
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Manipulative aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict

    Theodore Herzl attended at process Dreyfus (Captain Alfred Dreyfus - a Jew serving in the French army, unjustly accused of espionage in favor of Prussia, later - in 1906 - rehabilitated), and stand witnessed a wave of anti-Semitism in France in connection with this case. And concluded that the persecution Jews will cease only when they are released into the home country, so we need to stop trying to fit among the other nations. Defended his idea in the book "The Jewish State", published in 1896, paving the way for modern Zionism - the return to a separate national existence of the Israeli people. And to make real this idea is needed territory. Options are considered: Argentina, Uganda. And Palestine.

  At the beginning of XX century, Turkey has been weakened. Large and small countries look to her territories. Before the start of World War I, Britain, Russia, France and Italy negotiate how to share Turkey. The map illustrated territories held by the Ottoman Empire, became the colonies of those "great powers" that colonies later, are separated in individual states.


By agreement between England and France, signed in 1916, Palestine is given to England - on the map indicated as № 1.

MAP № 1

   The lines are almost straight, like cut pie without the "lucky" - an area without special significance, without natural resources, with an area of 110 000 square kilometers. And why this "pie unlucky" not to be a chance to solve the Jewish question?

   2.XI.1917 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Balfour published a letter to baron Rothschild (known as "Balfour Declaration"), thus recognizing the right of the Jewish people to national revival in the land of his erstwhile homeland. In San Remo in 1920, the League of Nations (UN) gives England Mandate for Palestine, ie England has the right to dispose of Palestine in accordance with the provisions of the UN to Palestine, but they also explicitly states that UN ""His Majesty"s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country".

   In 1921 is created Arab state - "Transjordan" (literally - the country Beyond the Jordan, east of the Jordan River), in management of emir Abdullah. In March 1921 the Colonial Secretary, Winston Churchill, visited the Middle East and endorsed an arrangement whereby Transjordan would be removed from the original territory of Palestine , with Abdullah as the emir under the authority of the High Commissioner, and with the condition that the Jewish National Home provisions of the (future)Palestine mandate would not apply there. Effectively, this removed about 78% of the original territory of Palestine and left about 22% where the application of the Balfour Declaration calling for a "Jewish" national home could be applied. Transjordan remained under the nominal auspices of the League of Nations and British administration, until its independence in 1928 Thus, contrary to the terms of the contract by the UK, and based of San Remo in Palestine create two areas - "Palestine" and "Transjordan", indicated by card № 2.


MAP № 2

   Access to the Jews in the new territory is forbidden, while the Arabs can attend both. The original British mandate over Palestine give the right of Jews to settle in any part of the marked with the name "Palestine" territory. (In 1946, England "bless" the full Arab sovereignty over Transjordan , which in 1950 is renamed from the King Abdullah in Jordan). Moreover, England provided "Golan Heights" on Siria, under the mandate of France, marked on card № 2 with red.
   About those English acts of splitting the Palestinian territories, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson sent a protest because it is " injury" in providing unequivocal biblical borders "to create a state for Jewish people".
   However, England continued to assert its intentions and submit them to the League of Nations (UN), whence received his support - "Palestine" is divided in two.
   Instead on the promised land in which to create a "national home" for the people of Israel, they fall into land that is redistributed and are eliminated from participation!
   UK and UN, as cut ѕ from the original "Palestine" and transferred her name on the remaining ј, initiate purposeful to falsification and manipulation of historical facts associated with this region - with "Palestine" begins to identify only the territory west of the river Jordan, marked on a map № 2 with.

   Created a new "Palestine", which for clarity will be marked as "Palestine II". We pay special attention to this fact - in 1922 UK intentionally "forgets" ѕ of the original territory of "Palestine" and available it for the creation of Transjordan Arab country. So, UK meets on territorial claims of the Arabs in Palestine, while in same time renounces from commitment, announced by "Balfur" declaration. And instead UK to "make every effort to facilitate achievement of this objective" - the establishment of a Jewish state, as mandated and the requirement of the UN - England henceforth will make every effort to prevent the attainment of this objective. This helps to increase territorial appetites of the Arabs, which is reflected in the expansion of their conflict with the Jews.
   In 1929, the Arabs want a ban on Jews to pray in front of "the Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem. Request accompanied by violence - only in the Jewish colonies in Hebron and Tsafad have killed 130 children, women and elders. British army introduces order after a week.
    In April 1936 the Arab armed incursions continue to escalate and the 1939 explosion destroied railways, pipeline, road, firing the fields ... Sabotages, murder, robbery - and against Jews and against the British. Reasons: England to give and the rest of "Palestine" - "Palestine II" on the Arabs. And Jews - out! The British administration was forced to introduce martial law - in 1937 World War II comes ...

   In February 1940 the British government closed "Palestine II" for Jewish immigrants, and thereby contribute to the "final solution of Jewish question" of Hitler"s Germany.

The creation of Israel state

   Guilty conscience many countries decided to wash at 29.XI.1947, when the UN vote to create a state of Jewish people. Voted with long delay from 20 years. With the resolution № 181 "Palestine II" (22% of the initial promise in 1917) is divided once again: on new Arab and on Jewish states. Thus, Jews received 12%, while the Arabs - 88% of the original "Palestine" (map № 3)


    25 years after the first division of land come a new! The nations (UN) re-divide the land! Or more precisely - what"s left of it after its first division in 1922.

    But the Arabs want whole Palestine!
   Arab League, based in Cairo and created on March 23, 1945, is preparing a "jihad" (holy war) in the Arab world against the declaration of state of Israel. Its vice president Džemal Hussein from the rostrum of the UN threatens: "Given that Palestine be divided into two states, the line of division will become the line of fire and blood".
   And the next day after the UN vote for the separation of "Palestine II" - 30.XI.1947, troops of "Arab Liberation Army" enters in "Palestine II", which is under British control, and with his tacit consent, occupied territories designed about the arab state, thereby preventing it creation. Meanwhile surrounded Jewish territories to can start fighting against Israel. In battles among Arab Army and Jewish colonies from 30.11.1947 until 1.02.1948 are killed and wounded 2778 fighters.

   May 14, 1948 Israel declared independence on land given him by the resolution № 181 of the UN. The same day is and end of England mandate over Palestine, its administration and troops withdraw.

   On the next day, Egyptian Prime Minister Nokrashi Pasha issued an order Egypt military forces to enter in Israel. The order was motivated by the need "to maintain order and peace in Palestine". In the race for the division of the land - for the new arab state and state about Israel, participate and the armies on neighboring to Israel Arab countries - Lebanon, Syria, Trans-Jordan, backed by troops from Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


    "This will be a war of destruction and slaughter significantly as Mongolian massacres" - says Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam Pasha - Secretary General of the Arab League on 15 May in Cairo.
  Israel is attacked by the armies of the 6 Arab countries, each of which, taken separately, is more powerful militarily than it. The incredible became reality.


  The Israel troops pushing the Arab armies from his territories and military operations are carried into the territories of the uncreated Arab country. In order not to suffer more severe damage, Arab countries agree to a truce (map № 4).


MAP № 4

   Arab countries involved in war, signed an armistice, but no one recognizes the existence of Israel - a sign that peace is temporary. Ceasefire agreements promote de facto state of Israel, which justifies the UN to adopt it as full member of UN - May 11, 1949, approved by 52 countries.

   Following the war, 650 000 Arabs living in “Palestine II ", proved to be refugees - cheated, after call on Arab countries to leave their lands and to return in them after the "rapid " victory over Israel - arises the Arab refugee problem .
   "In the name of truth must emphasize that the situation of Arab refugees came up as a direct consequence of actions by Arab states, where opposition to the decision to create a Jewish state. As Arab countries unanimously agreed to act so they are now bound together to find proper solution to the current painful refugee problem”, said the secretary of the Arab League of Emil Guri on 15/09/1948

   1947-1950 are years in which many countries in the world (excluding Arab) recognized the right of existence of Israel, including the USSR and the socialist countries. But comes a time when relations between the USSR and the socialist camp, and Israel cools ... Israel refuses to be a springboard for entry into the USSR in the Middle East …

   Then, arab countries have more than 100 million people, oil, large areas. And the USSR begin to see in them with increasing interest - military strategic, economic ... But and Arab countries have more and more increasing need for weapons. After 1950 they imposed blockade of Israel and he can not use international shipping routes through the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aqaba bordering the Red Sea. At the same time from bases located on the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip, "fedayeen" - suicide, invaded in Israel to sow death and destruction. Only during 1950-1956 yy. their raids are over 6000, as victims among the Jewish population are over 400 killed and 900 wounded.

   "Fedayeen" - suicide invaded and from the Jordan. Here, In the same period are killed over 500 Israelis. Invaded and from Syria; and Lebanon - caused the deaths of more than 60 people …

   In September 1955 Egypt signed agreements with the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Poland for the purchase of large quantities of modern weapons - 200 "MiG-15", 25 bombers "Ilyushin-28" , 100 heavy tanks IS-2 and others. A fighter jets to Israel so far have ... 30 (thirty)! Henceforth, with this anti-Israeli drastic step of the USSR and the socialist camp, the Middle East became the most explosive area in the world. So today!

  "The strategy of the Soviet Union in the region were confrontational goals - mainly counteraction the United States. For this purpose, betting on "revolutionary" anti-American regimes in the Arab world. The confrontational logic led to distortions in economic and other relations - supplies of arms was most importantly. It all boils down ultimately to them. Hence, "normal" and "desirable" to Moscow became the time of heightened tensions in the Middle East region "(Ognyan Avramov, Arab-Israeli conflict. Military aspects, 1995, s.52, on bulgarien).

   And military conflicts not far away …

  On 25.X.1956, the Egyptian President Nasser announced the creation of a unified command of the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian forces. Arab propaganda machine is in full swing - promising devastating war against Israel.

   Meanwhile Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, over which England have rights - occurs "Suez" crisis. On 29.X 1956 Britain and France make attempt to hit the Egyptian port Port Said, to regain the Suez Canal . In same time Israel attacked the Sinai Peninsula to crush bases of Arab terrorists - "fedayeen". For 6 days was occupied Sinai and the Egyptian army - captured. Consequence of the "Suez" crisis Israel achieved an important objective : the deployment of blue helmets - UN troops to stop terrorist attacks against Israel from Egypt.

   But began a new spiral on preparation for military revenge .

   In 1958 Egypt and Syria form a confederation. The purpose of its creation clarifies Egyptian President Nasser on July 26, 1959 in Alexandria: "I testify here from behalf of the United Arab Republic, that this time we will destroy Israel."

    Until 1967, when exploding "Six-Day” war, Egypt, Syria and Iraq received from the USSR and the socialist camp over 2000 tanks, 700 aircraft and thousands of guns …

   On 16 May 1967, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian armed forces General Sazdo sent a letter to the Indian General Rikhye (pronounced Rickey) - commander of the UN international force, deployed in Egyptian-Israeli border, through which wants an immediate withdrawal of UN troops. Attempts by the United States and Britain to convene the Security Council of the United Nations to prevent the looming war, fail, because meeting opposition of the socialist block, the Arab world and "developing" countries . On May 19, "blue" helmets are withdrawn from their positions in the Sinai Peninsula, as the liberated zone immediately is taken by the Egyptian army - Egypt ended its last preparations for the new war against Israel.

   The Jewish government seeks salvation in their own forces. Its senior representatives visit Western Europe and the United States with the hope that war can be avoided ...

   President Charles de Gaulle shrugged his shoulders and declare "neutrality" of France to the looming war.

   Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Abba Eban wait a few hours before the Oval Office of the White House before to be adopted by the U.S. President Johnson. And when Eban was adopted was reported that the administration of President is unable to find in the archive the list of safeguards, signed ten years ago. List of safeguards the United Nations as the guarantor of compliance with the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in which engage and the United States ! The case is curious - if there is no question to the tragic prospect of two million Jews in Israel, because according to all estimates - at that time, that State will be eradicated. World public conscience was weak to stop the march towards a new rout over the Jews …
   Israel has been left to fend for himself ... If it can ... And as can.

    The distribution of the forces and territories, given a map № 4, are valid until the beginning of the "Six Day" war.
   "The armed forces of Egypt and Syria has a classy and modern arms, their armies were saturated with Soviet weapons, which in quantity and quality are beyond the Israeli weapons," said Soviet Middle East specialist in K L. Medvedko "East and West from Suez channel", in 1980, on russian.

   "Israel"s existence is a mistake, who to be corrected. Our goal is clear - to cut off Israel from the world map "- the words of Iraqi President Abdul Rahman Arif in a speech on May 31, 1967=

   With the only hope for survival, Israel decided to strike first - June 5, 1967

    The world is again witnessing a phenomenal events! Only for six days and the Arab war machine was beaten again. And from complete collapse saved them again Soviet Union …
   "Army of Egypt failed to resist, leaving the battlefield in good condition huge amount of first-class fighting equipment. Israel took 800 Egyptian tanks, as 300 of them having even been abandoned, without even have a shot. Captured were 21 generals and 8000 officers” (L. Medvedko).

   Deep echeloned Egyptian defense of the Sinai Peninsula, built in the Soviet model and under the control of Soviet military specialists, was defeated after 36-hour severe, bloody battles.
  This war is epoch-making! Not only because of incredibly disastrous defeat a much stronger arab-soviet coalition. But above all the "Six Day" war is herald the end of an era called" times of the Gentiles. " On June 8, 1967 Israeli forces took over the Old Jerusalem. The prophetic words of Christ: "And Jerusalem will be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the meet times of the Gentiles" is performed ! People of Israel, land "Israel" and Jerusalem are together again! Territories after the war of 1967 are reflected on a map № 5.

MAP № 5

        New experience for revenge is the war of October 1973

      "The battle with Israel must be such that afterwards Israel to cease to exist" - said Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

  And a new failure. On south, the Egyptian army was again captured in the Sinai Peninsula. On north Syrian - defeated. Road to Cairo and Damascus have no defense. Again ultimatum of the Soviet Union saved the Arabs.
    Impotence of weapons to crush the Jewish state made crazy managers in Moscow. Israel defeated "invincible" Soviet weapon - a deep humiliation for a superpower. How this small country with 3 million population continues to broken coalition of socialist and Muslim countries? For haunted of atheism and hatred to the Israel all comes down to weapons, wars, strategies - human (earth) aspects of victory, and excluded the possibility that they made war against God. (For the supernatural think during these wars, I will focus separately). And haunted of atheism and hatred to the Israel continue to searches the opening new tools with which to beat ...

   After the October war of 1973, the Middle East conflict is a qualitatively new situation. Comes time to use unused weapons, for which I am deeply confident, that have been developed and primarily coordinated through the years from Moskow - "oil" and "propaganda". Without presentation on this new weapons would not have a clear idea of how far go Soviet-Arab-Israeli conflict, and why he came out on the world stage.

Oil weapon

  In March 1970 was held VII Congress of the countries exporting oil - OPEC. Here, for the first time rang voices calling for the use of oil as a weapon in favor of the Arab cause. A year later, the Arab states adopted a decision to include "oil" in the confrontation with Israel.

  At that time the countries of "Western" Europe - European Economic Community (EEC) have been importing large quantities of this material. If the oil raise price, this will lead to economic instability and recession. What better reward for their support provided to Israel? The trend is - growth of oil prices or political concessions in favor of the Moscow"s strategy and its Arab allies.
   After the war of 1973 oil supply for the United States and the Netherlands are suspended, with 25 percent of them reducing for the EEC and Japan. At a cost of $ 2 per barrel in 1971 at the end of 1973 oil more expensive at $ 11. Over the years, its price increases reach $ 40 in 1980. Then, a barrel of oil cost producers are ... 15 cents! Which fabulous gains! For example, Saudi Arabia began to gain $ 150 billion a year! Thus, the world was stuck in a severe energy and economic crisis ...

  With the "oil" weapon were crush many states - "rebellious" to Moskow and his arab friends …

  In 1977, a conference in Florence, the EEC forward - supporting the Arab countries and Moscow. That their policy remains valid today. Since then, the existence of Israel began to depend only on the U.S. position. (11.IX.2001 of attacks were part of a strategy to coerce and the United States to renounce that support. "Americans will never feel safe until the peace not reigned in Palestine" - says Bin Laden . For Islamic fundamentalism "Peace in Palestine" means the eradication of the Jewish state and nationality). The strategic retreat of the EEC drag after himself and other countries.

 This most clearly shown by the votes in the UN, when the countries need to take part in Arab - Israeli conflict . In 1977 the number of countries voting in support of Soviet-Arab bloc against Israel is 70, in 1980 - 112, today the figure chasing 190. Here, at the UN, is reflect the results of use and to other "weapon", except the oil. It "other" weapon could be developed thanks to the colossal power of the socialist system in his propaganda, through centralized authority and the huge funds injected into it.


Manipulation propaganda and lies

   In the preface to his book "The media under control" Noam Chomsky is "impressed by the ability of totalitarian systems to inculcate beliefs, which are strongly supported and widely accepted, though entirely devoid of any basis and often in complete variance with obvious facts about the world around us". But he still is optimistic: "The structures that underlie the most important phenomena of political, economic and public life are not so difficult to detect, even though they make a lot of effort for disguise the facts. Therefore, the study ... consists primarily in the collection of facts and examples to illustrate things, which are quite obvious to the rational observer".

  I dealing more than 40 years with "collection of facts and examples to illustrate" the emergence and use of totalitarian propaganda messages. One of them relating to the research topic, show that the Soviet-Arab propaganda weapon is founded and developed on the following key scenarios.


Israel - "occupier"

  Originally Arab thesis. Introduced into service after the war of 1948. The history of conflict in those years shows that Israel - is the first state born with a decision of the United Nations, but the first country after World War II, subjected to armed aggression. Arab countries, entered the "Palestine II" in 1948, are announced in the UN like "aggressors" and Israel - is the object of their aggression. In Security Council UN, the Soviet representative Gromyko urges UN to send "blue helmets" to deter the conquest of the Jewish state. Discussions on this matter does not reach the final phase due to rapid and unexpected win of Israel on the battlefield. In such a situation comes and truce between actors in the conflict. Agreements "ceasefire" gives the legal basis of the UN to accept Israel as a member of the organization - May 11, 1949, voted by 52 countries. Of course, Arab countries are "against" - the signed by them "truce" with Israel does not mean and "peace" with him.

   When in 1922 is created the state Transjordan, it is identified with the Arabs living in the east of the Jordan River and the Arabs west of the river, and therefore claim to the territories in Palestine "to west of the Jordan River " - maps № № 1 and 2. And quite natural - between Arabs living in the "east" and "west" of the Jordan River no difference! So, the next day after the announcement of the resolution N 181, adopted by UN - 30.XI.1947g., Transjordan"s army crossed the river west of the Jordan and took over territories declared by the United Nations establishing the second Arab state in Palestine. Britain does not counteract this occupation, on the contrary - secretly support it. After that comes the war and for sharing territories of the State of Israel. But Israeli military repels the invasion of Arab armies and the military operations are carried on the territories of "de facto" defunct Arab

   The cease-fire and the signing the ceasefire "legitimized territorial location of the warring parties" as shown on the map № 4. The territories of no-created Arab state are under the control of three countries - Israel, Transjordan and Egypt. But Arabs are beginning to blame only Israel for the "occupier". They want both territories of the new Arab state, so and those granted to the State of Israel.

   Objectively speaking, there is no reasons to create a new Arab state in Palestine. Arab population in these lands no territorial, national, religious, historical differences with the surrounding Arab countries. Taken together or separately, these factors do not exist to seek a separate, a new Arab state.
  In 1950, King Abdullah renamed Transjordan on "Jordan". Thus, the kingdom reiterates that an Arab population to the east and to the west of the Jordan River is defined as "Jordanians", and therefore believes, that the territories of " West Bank" "belongs" to her . More than two decades after 1950 the Arabs in "Palestine II" are not "Palestinians "- the term has not yet been invent (!), but "Jordanians". After 1950 the name "Palestine" is out from use, because it is occupied by "Israel" and "Jordan".

   To continue use link to full post: 




1. анонимен - Израел е изкуствен проект и също ...
11.09.2011 20:44
Израел е изкуствен проект и също като СССР- нежизнеспособен за по-дълъг период от време. И също като СССР ще се 'срути под клетвите на човечеството' поради изначално античовешката си същност...

Ретроспекцията, която даваш, е добра. Само дето английският е слабичък, май някой арабин го е писал това :)

2. анонимен - PlanBg.blog.bg
11.09.2011 20:46
Израел е изкуствен проект и също като СССР- нежизнеспособен за по-дълъг период от време. И също като СССР ще се 'срути под клетвите на човечеството' поради изначално античовешката си същност...

Ретроспекцията, която даваш, е добра. Само дето английският е слабичък, май някой арабин го е писал това :)

3. watchtowerman - Благодаря за линка, canis.
12.09.2011 09:15
Полезен и като подкрепа.
4. анонимен - Interesting, thanks
13.09.2011 22:35
I couldn’t resist commenting
5. watchtowerman - To №5.
15.09.2011 11:05
I am pleased that you understand

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